SWA Opening Comments

SWA Opening Comments: we are here to open a dialogue. We’re seniors. We come from the service industry: hospitality, education, retail, food & beverage. We are also former business owners, authors, builders, designers, volunteers — the list grows daily when you jump on.

We’re angry, hence the Seniors with Attitude S.W.A.!!! Let’s hope Dr. Dre understands this is a complement and maybe considers adding his powerful voice to ours. Why are we angry? Take your pick:

many of us are housing and food poor;

all of us have worked our entire lives to provide for family;

all of us are dealing with too many health issues;

all of us got here far too quickly.

SWA Opening Comments are here to open a dialogue. Join us on this new platform available for Seniors with Attitude. We hope it’s you!

Contact us privately anytime by e-mail — no third party processors while we are building this site. We may be slower responding, so be patient, please. We’re seniors!!





Published by lindaglassquinonez

Publisher of SENIORS WITH ATTITUDE SWA focusing on all things enhancing seniors' way of life, including design assistance for MOBILE LIVING. Writer, author, ESL Editor, senior Influencer and commentator, volunteer. Former business owner, educator, service industry management for hospitality and food&beverage, non profit founder/CEO and fundraiser for non profits.

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