Seniors with Attitudes SWA

Never before has there been a need to be vocal.

Never before has there been a need to be active.

Never before has there been a coordinated method for speaking our mind as with SENIORS WITH ATTITUDES.

Never before, but available now — get on board!

We’re going to publish LOTS of comments.

We’re going to ruffle some feathers.

We’re going to call out things that need to be CALLED OUT.

We’re going to raise our voices like never before.

Grab your phone, tablet or computer and join us.

Let’s talk about:

affordable senior housing;

the economy;


the environment.

Are we omitting politics? Well, if we can keep it productive, positive and all about improving what needs to be done — make a choice: there is SO MUCH TO DO. That’s why this site is launching now, less than two months until our next election.

WARNING: This site is for making changes and NOT A PLATFORM FOR BIGOTRY IN ANY FORM.

Contact us privately anytime — no third party processors while we are building this site. However, we may be a little slower. We’re seniors!!!

Published by lindaglassquinonez

Publisher of SENIORS WITH ATTITUDE SWA focusing on all things enhancing seniors' way of life, including design assistance for MOBILE LIVING. Writer, author, ESL Editor, senior Influencer and commentator, volunteer. Former business owner, educator, service industry management for hospitality and food&beverage, non profit founder/CEO and fundraiser for non profits.

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