Dear Children

Dear Children is an open Post inviting you to publish anything you wish to say.What would you tell your children that hasn’t been already said? What, in your senior years, have you realized is most important to share now?

Some comments we’ve received so far:

Every day is a NEW DAY: don’t take it for granted and live it to the fullest.

I hope I didn’t screw up too bad.

I wish my marriage had been more stable.

I wish we had gone to church more when you were younger.

Your mother did a great job of raising you.

I would first tell them to be optimistic. Then remind them to honor their commitments and responsibilities.

Contact us privately anytime — no third party processing! We may be slower responding, but we’d rather be slow and personal while building our site.

Published by lindaglassquinonez

Publisher of SENIORS WITH ATTITUDE SWA focusing on all things enhancing seniors' way of life, including design assistance for MOBILE LIVING. Writer, author, ESL Editor, senior Influencer and commentator, volunteer. Former business owner, educator, service industry management for hospitality and food&beverage, non profit founder/CEO and fundraiser for non profits.

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