I have trained as an artist since age five, as a designer in college, eventually teaching COLOR and DESIGN to high school students.  The fundamentals of each of these principles begin with C O L O R.  C O L O R within Art and Design determine: Style, Atmosphere, Dominance, Balance, Space, Movement, and much,Continue reading “SENIORS WITH ATTITUDE C O L O R”

Seniors with Attitude Housing

Seniors with Attitude Housing is our MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT. If you are not experiencing problems finding or maintaining AFFORDABLE housing as seniors, fasten your seatbelts because it is a BUMPY ROAD. Some background info: We have spent our entire professional lives in the SERVICE INDUSTRY. You may not realize it, but ALL INDUSTRIES are SERVICEContinue reading “Seniors with Attitude Housing”

SWA Opening Comments

SWA Opening Comments: we are here to open a dialogue. We’re seniors. We come from the service industry: hospitality, education, retail, food & beverage. We are also former business owners, authors, builders, designers, volunteers — the list grows daily when you jump on. We’re angry, hence the Seniors with Attitude S.W.A.!!! Let’s hope Dr. DreContinue reading “SWA Opening Comments”

Seniors with Attitudes SWA

Never before has there been a need to be vocal. Never before has there been a need to be active. Never before has there been a coordinated method for speaking our mind as with SENIORS WITH ATTITUDES. Never before, but available now — get on board! We’re going to publish LOTS of comments. We’re goingContinue reading “Seniors with Attitudes SWA”